Recipe Roundup: Easy Cookie Recipes

Featuring the Ice Cream Sundae Cookie 

I love to bake. Pinterest is my go to resource for all things recipe. For the immediate urge to bake you can check out tons of eye candy on my Cupcakes & Dessert Board where I pin recipes that look fabulous and tasty.

From time to time I will share my favorites here for inspiration. I couldn't help but try this recipe simply because it called for waffle cone bits, Yum (not to mention my love for ice cream)


Anyone baking for DIY Holiday Gifts this season?


This recipe is a must for your next cookie exchange, with a roundup to follow, just in case you are making more than one flavor! Enjoy!

Thank you to Shelly over at Cookies and Cups for sharing your genius idea of adding waffle cone bits to a cookie! Get the recipe here.

Crushed Waffle Cone, White Chocolate Chips and MnMs - Need I say More?!?!

Mix goodies into cookie dough

Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Dough
Measure dough balls with tablespoon one scoop made good size cookies

Ice Cream Sundae Cookies

Round Up: Easy Cookie Recipes

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The Magical Formula to Help Sell Your Home Faster

How is Listing Your Home Like a First Impression?

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
Ninety-percent of homeowners today are using the Internet to search for homes. The on-line marketing campaign for your home could very well be your first impression to a potential buyer. The phrase "first impressions" comes directly from the terminology of sentimental literature...where "first impressions" exhibit the strength and truth of the heart's immediate and intuitive response. 

So what is your on-line ad saying? Is it exchanging information properly to convey a deal-winning impression?

Part of selling your home is crafting a vivid listing description that encourages buyers to make your home their new home. As a guide for sellers here's a list of words and phrases that will help sell your home faster.

Examining Influential Keywords When Listing Your Home

Tip: Consider giving precise distance, number of blocks or
minutes in car drive to amenities nearby.

"Walkable to...."

According to a new study buyers will pay more for homes with high "walkability" versus neighborhoods that require cars to get to and from the essentials.

Home buyers have a weakness for homes with access to shops, parks, bistros and cultural amenities. Be sure to mention the conveniences located near your home.

Ambiance, Floor Plan and Flow

Flexible space is important, open floor plans remain popular with everyone. Generation Y sees a 4 bedroom house for sale as a master bedroom, a future child's room, a home office or perhaps a room for visiting parents. They are looking for homes that can conform to what they need for their future lifestyle. 
Outdoor Living Space with Fireplace - New Construction in 92127

First-Time Home Buyer Amenities

Put yourself in the shoes of someone purchasing a home for the first time. Think of all of the amenities they may not have had prior to purchasing your home. For example, storage space, private and quiet, outdoor living spaces, green features, high tech amenities, fireplace, large open kitchen, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, walk-in closets, etc. 

Fancy Finishes and Brand Names

Does your home have finishes that are a commodity in your area? Research shows that five listing description words that were positively correlated with higher purchase prices included: granite, corian, maple, state-of-the-art and gourmet. 

Consumers also correlate brand names to create a quick mental image and name dropping could help sell your home faster. For example, this $30M dollar listing in Rancho Santa Fe: "The stunning, one-story residence was created by renowned designer Ken Ronchetti and recently renovated in impeccable style with San Francisco based interior designer Paul Wiseman."

Rancho Santa Fe | Buena Vista Farms

For Sale in La Jolla, Ca - Contact me for Details

Neighborhood Name

Is your home in a desirable or up and coming neighborhood? Include the name of your district or neighborhood so your home's listing gets picked up on Google. 

For Example, this beautiful home in La Jolla:

"Charming Windansea Beach Cottage"

On-Trend Features

Your agent will be the expert on keeping up with the pulse of current shift in what buyers like. It doesn't hurt to do some research yourself to be sure you are on target with what home features you are showcasing.

Some current features that Millenials are after include: walkability, technological capabilities, environmentally friendly, HGTV look-alike, home offices, home theaters, and easy entertaining features. 

How to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

Visit nearby homes for sale to see how yours compares... This will help you determine if you need a  minor renovation project to help make your home look like the competition. Perhaps you need to adjust your list price to gain the competitive edge.

Hire a home stager...did you see my info graphic post on Why Staging Your Home to Sell is So Important? The top four reasons to stage your home sum it up for me. One, you will make more money. Two, your house will sell faster. Three, you will make your money back. And four, your on-line photos will stand out!

Think of your home's listing description as a personal concierge escorting prospective buyers to all of the very best features of your home. 

Stay tuned for other honorable mentions when listing your home. If you enjoyed this article please follow me on Twitter.

If you are considering listing your home for sale, I would love the opportunity to earn your business. Request your complimentary on-line marketing plan featuring your home. 

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Why Staging Your Home to Sell is So Important

With the Real Estate market turning the tide home sellers have to stand up against their competition. Less bank owned properties means that buyers are looking for properties to be in tip top shape. Today I am sharing with you this insight into why Staging your Home for Sale is imperative in a Seller's Market. (Click on the image for a larger view)

For more Tips check out my Pinterest Board: Home Staging Tips.

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New Approach To My Real Estate Blog in San Diego

La Jolla, California
I have gone back and forth several times about my Real Estate Blog, wondering what is the best approach to gaining interest and readers...

I have come to the conclusion that I am best at sharing my story and journey, it is my hope that you will follow me on this journey. I will document what it is like to enter the world of Real Estate from an agent prospective. I will share marketing concepts and real life stories of purchasing and selling Real Estate in San Diego, California. Some of these marketing concepts can be applied to any business not just Real Estate.

As we head into 2014 I am already setting up marketing campaigns for the new year. Real Estate is an ever changing market and with short sales and bank owned properties dying down the ultimate question would be: what is housing going to look like moving forward?

Here are some of my thoughts:

New Construction - will be huge! Home builders and customizing your new home are back and in a big way! Just drive through La Jolla and you too will see the new builds that are going up, the old homes being flattened and a month later a brand spanking new Mansion. I love this one in La Jolla Farms!

Beacham Construction in La Jolla Farms
And I've got my eye on you ZIANI, new Luxury Townhomes at the bottom of Torrey Pines Road.

Ziani New Construction in La Jolla, California - Close to UCSD

More 4S Ranch and Del Sur Communities will continue to hit the market as those new builds are completed. There is a huge advantage to hiring a Real Estate Agent for New Construction, make sure your agent is with you the first time you view model homes.

First Time Home Sellers - Moving  into 2014 I would like to focus on those homeowners who are moving up. Those whose families have gotten larger than their square footage and looking to list their properties to buy a larger one. For many this will be the first time they have gone through the home selling process, much different than that of buying your first home.

First Time Home Buyers - Many of my friends and colleagues have been saving for their down payment to enter the world of home ownership. Some have been priced out of the market but as 2014 hits I foresee that median prices will level giving them the opportunity to purchase a home in San Diego.

Are you looking to buy or sell Real Estate in San Diego? Contact me today for a complimentary analysis that fits your needs.

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Thanks for reading! 

Giveaway at The Luxe Gen: Luxe Lifestyle

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How to Compete with All Cash Buyers in San Diego

Placing offers that compete with cash buyers
As the summer months wind down, the kids are back in school and the holidays are right around the corner! Did you know its only 99 days until Christmas?? Where did the year go?!? Some of you may be in the market to purchase a new home and the cooler weather is working in your favor as you tour open houses and model homes.

Today I am sharing some tips on how to compete with the 30% of cash buyer contracts closed last month. Don't let rejected offers get you down! These tips will make it easier for you to close escrow and move in just in time for the New Year. If you haven't selected a Real Estate agent yet because you have been dreaming online over at Trulia or Zillow, I would be more than happy to help. Let's schedule an appointment to go over your home ownership goals and how to get you there!

A dear friend in the business of escrow has shared some important statistics with us that will help you get your ducks in order and compete with the 30% of purchases that were all cash closes.

Get Pre-Approved for your Home 

If you haven't done this already then it is time to get serious, gather your paperwork and sit down with your loan officer. I published an article about this last week and shared with you the difference between a pre-qualification and pre-approval. If you have already done this, then pat yourself on the back and be sure to keep an eye on the expiration date of your pre-approval.

No Big Purchases and Keep Your Money In Place

I will never forget the time my client bought a $100,000 yacht two weeks before he thought we were going to close escrow on his refinance. This is detrimental to your financial strength and will absolutely throw up red flags with your lender, it could even ruin your chances of getting funds. I've seen lenders pull credit the day before they fund, so its best not to rock the boat and steer away from any huge purchases or moving money 3-6 months before buying a new home.

Contact me to purchase New Construction
Don't Try to Time the Market Perfectly

Anticipating the housing market is impossible! Real Estate is cyclical, it goes up, comes down, all to go back up again. No one has the Real Estate Crystal Ball....unless your me....remember....New Construction. But all jokes aside, the time to buy a home is when your are financially responsible and have invested in yourself by saving a down payment. The best time to buy is when you find the perfect place you can call home and can comfortably afford. 

Your Buying a House - Get it Inspected

Your home will probably be one of the biggest investments in your portfolio and you want to make sure its healthy! Regardless of the competition don't ever waive your inspections. Just like you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it. Its part of the home buying process. If the home inspector does find any problems with the home, you can use it as a negotiation tool for lowering the purchase price. 

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Before you buy, get to know the lay of the land. Stop by during the morning, noon and night. Practice a commute in real time from the home to work and make sure the travel and traffic is ideal for you. Research the schools, even if you don't have kids this could play a role in resale value. Value can be affected upwards to 20% when you buy a house in a "good" school district versus "bad". How far is the grocery store and dry cleaners? Make sure all of the comforts of daily routines are covered.

The Art Of Placing Offers

Your starting bid should be based on these two things:

1.  What you can afford


2.  What you believe the property is really worth

You want to place an offer that is fair and reasonable not the lowest possible offer, you don't want to offend the seller. It also depends on the market and where it is performing at the time, you will need to look at what other homes have sold for in that neighborhood and get an average price per square foot. This is where your Real Estate Agent should be able to give sound advice. 

Buy Your Dream Home with Luxe Real Estate, Call Me Today!

Are you looking to buy Real Estate in San Diego? Did you enjoy these helpful hints? If you do not have a Real Estate Agent then I would Welcome you to check out My Story and schedule an appointment to chat about your goals in home ownership.

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What is your biggest obstacle in achieving home ownership?

Which tip was your favorite?

Luxury Home Buyers: Better Homes & Gardens Survey Results

Luxury Home Buyers Say Forget the Stock Market, Invest in Homes!

Its no secret that Luxury Home Buyers are in the market. I first noticed this months ago when I wrote about Sugarman Dr. in La Jolla and a few weeks later noticed that it was no longer on the market. SOLD! and fast! This is a very interesting video about the Luxury Home market and recent trends from a survey performed by Better Homes and Gardens.

Love For Luxury Homes

>  58% of luxury homebuyers already own multiple homes to support lifestyle activities
>  60% surveyed would rather have home upgrades rather than more square footage
>  66% surveyed said a "smart" home is more important to them than a "green" home
>  Luxury buyers see home ownership as a significant investment
>  75% believe home ownership is a better investment than the stock market
>  57% believe home ownership is a bigger indicator of success than their job or title
>  93% believe that their house is the "best on their block"

Luxury Buyers Seek to Own Multiple Homes To Fit Their Lifestyle Needs. See the Video HERE.

New Construction Site in La Jolla, California - Contact Me to GET ON THE INTEREST LIST!
Do you remember in my story, how I said that I have weird psychic powers...I know...I can't really describe it, but for all its worth: I am being led towards New Construction, its on the rise and builders are coming back in a big way!!

Buyers: there is a huge benefit in hiring a Real Estate Agent for New Construction! You must sign in with your agent the first time you tour the model homes. If you are in the market to buy New Construction contact us today to help you with the process.

If you liked this article don't forget to connect! If you are looking for Real Estate in San Diego I can be reached directly at 619.995.2132. Let's work together to find your dream home!